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Tenille. The Wrestler.

Emma is one of the more “unique” characters to ever appear in the WWE women’s division, but she wasn’t handed her spot because of her good looks and modeling resume. Hard word and dedication...


WWE RAW Wrap Up – April 21, 2014

He’s got the whole world in his hands, but will Bray and the rest of the Wyatt Family be able to overcome the resilience of Cena in less than two weeks at Extreme Rules?

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Daniel Bryan’s Father Passes Away

WWE just reported that Daniel Bryan’s father has passed away today. Bryan just returned from his honeymoon with wife Brie Bella after they were married on April 11th.

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Batista Taking Time Off Soon

Batista is apparently taking time off after Extreme Rules on May 4th, as he is not currently being advertised for any WWE events after that event, including RAW the next night from Albany, NY.

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Daniel Bryan “Yes!” Chants at Hockey Game

Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chants continue to pop up at events outside of wrestling, as 96.1 KISS revealed that chants broke out at Wednesday’s Pittsburgh Penguins game every time the team scored. Check out the...

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Mick Foley Not Signing New WWE Legends Deal

Mick Foley, who’s been fairly outspoken against the WWE in recent months, revealed during an interview with CBS Radio’s “The Drive with Marc James” in Charlotte, North Carolina, that the company has offered him a new Legends...